Acorn Computer Support

Welcome to Leighton Electronics.

For more than 30 years, our team have used and latterly restored and recovered Acorn Computers.  From critical business and industry installations to consumer repairs and hard drive data recovery, we can help.

We can offer support for a range of Acorn computer related systems.

From a vanilla Acorn Archimedes or BBC Micro through to a TV Broadcast RiscPC system or Aerospace test equipment control system, we can provide assistance and repair / maintenance solutions.

Update your old Acorn system to modern equipment.

We can assist in the porting of old BBC Micro and Acorn Archimedes software to current hardware.  Using the Raspberry Pi and Titanium systems, you can rest assured of continued operation for another 30 years!

For support and project review and quotations, contact us on this site.


It has become harder to obtain driver software for some of the more obscure, specialist or low volume hardware providers.  Find below a list of downloadable driver software.

NOTE: We are not the original authors of this software, provide no guarantee and accept no liability in respect of the use or mis-use of this software.  We also respect copyright claims, – so if you are a copyright owner, please do get in contact to give your blessing for us to host your driver software (send us updated versions even!).  Or if you require that we take down some or all of your software, contact us for that also.

Also, if you have updated, older or other drivers, send them this way and we’d be happy to host them!

Files are compressed into a !SparkFS (click here to download / buy) archive.  We’ve done this to preserve the correct file name capitalisation, length and filetypes, which are lost in PC format file systems – e.g. ZIP folders.

Acorn Computer Drivers and Software

Millipede Apex Broadcast Graphics Card – Drivers and Demos

Computer Concepts / Wild Vision Colour Card Gold – Drivers and Software

Wild Vision Eagle M2 – Drivers and Software